Abide Asteria Is Turning 2 Years Old

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your support and following along with Abide Asteria. This year was absolutely huge for us. We posted a total of 11 new pages, every one of them with new verbiage for better clarity and increased emersion, updated every piece of equipment and created dozens more! We also attended our first convention to show off the game and learned a lot from doing so which leads me to the next big update and my plans.

Our next big goal will be turning towards new players and the ease of learning this system. I’ve already known for a long time that people struggle with our card based system, it isn’t something like hardly any people have tried and many haven’t even heard of such a thing. I even had one person tell me that they thought playing with cards was impossible. The good news is, of those who tried the system quickly picked it up and thought it was brilliant.

The next big question is, how do we accomplish that? I’ve spent the last month and hand full of days digesting the convention and how we can bring Abide Asteria to people who’ve never played it before or don’t think it will work well. Essentially my plan is to build a self playable distress. To elaborate on what I’m saying; I can build a few rounds into a page on the website we can post and let people see how combat and duress works. In my experience watching other people play Abide Asteria for the first time it only takes about 2-4 rounds on their turn for them to have that ‘aHa!’ moment.

Ideally I’d like to build this out with pictures and make it in such a way that you can pick up a deck of cards to follow along but with any random hand you may draw. This scenario will have a set character, set skills and obviously a in stone story and setting. I hope to make it in the same way as a choose your own adventure, that way you may pass or fail a check and take that outcome. This will allow you more freedom to learn your hand the rounds and give it some minor replay value. This is not however planned to be a full Solo RP Adventure, more like a simple and short example of what one could be like. As much as I’d love to start publishing those, my time at this point in development would be better spent on improving the game and adding more content to the ruleset.

So given that last sentence why would you bother doing this? Is a question I’ve asked myself. Having players and a community I can bounce ideas off of and gather important feedback is really what I need the most right now. We have a small group of amazing play testers but there’s only so many things they can run up against, especially when I’m hosting as the guide ninety percent of the time. Hope that if you’re out there and enjoy Abide Asteria, you’ll reach out and let me know of any questions you may have or issues you find!

Thanks again and I look forward to 2023, with any luck it’ll be bigger than this year!