Abide Asteria is a Sci-Fi TTRPG with Fantasy elements such as Elves, Dragons and magic. Fly through space with a crew of various races and use technology, charisma and magic to gain wealth, grow skills and upgrade ships or equipment for your crew. Take on bigger jobs and learn to Abide Asteria’s rules or move to the outer planets for a more lawless environment. There you can fight crime as a mercenary, become a pirate, join an organized crime group, become an explorer or maybe invent the next big thing, harass political figures or any number of other ideas you might come up with. All this and more can be found in the universe of Abide Asteria.

Unique system built from the ground up.

Abide Asteria uses a card-based system that is built from the ground up, easy to learn and rewarding to master. The game has some light meta elements that are encouraged at the table, involving the players and characters working together to decide what might be best. You will need only regular playing cards for this experience. No need to purchase or collect proprietary cards.

This system utilizes a website for its book design where you will be able to quickly reference topics faster than ever, both as the Guide (referred to as a GM or DM in popular titles) or as a player. This system also allows for easier balancing and maintenance to ensure you’re always playing the most recent version! Please feel free to join our growing community on discord and give feedback – this is the best way to make positive changes to Abide Asteria.

The class system is very open and allows you to perform any of the skills listed as options. Your chosen background works like a class in most other games without the limitations a class provides, it may also have bonuses that could benefit your builds. Your background encompasses who you are in the world. Are you a Captain with loads of money but a little low on skill points, relying on your crew to help you along the way? Or maybe you are a highly skilled Crew Member or perhaps a Lone Wolf who prefers to stand out from the crowd and make your own way.

From wizard elves and quadrupedal dragon diplomats to mechanic cat people and dog people pilots, there is a race and job for you in Abide Asteria. Our Guides of Asteria will be thrilled to share our pre-written lore or throw all of that out the window for some of their own! You will also have the support of our community to answer questions, present new content and grow this mom and pop game design into something that is worth running at nearly any table.

Abide Asteria will always be free to play! You can read all of its rules right here on this website. Print it, share it! Get a deck of normal cards and host a game for your friends today! Check out the Guide to Asteria for game rules and what you need to play. Please email info@abideasteria.com if you need help, questions or suggestions.


Our main character art, page art and spell chips depictions were commissioned through Kanowyn. If you would like to commission your own pieces from Kanowyn, or simply wish to see more of her creations, information and gallery links can be found here: https://kanowyn.carrd.co/#

Secondary Art provided by Filipe, he makes fantastic art at a reasonable price.