Dragon Class

“So … You’re a dragon?” Is often the response of someone who finds out their bipedal friend of several years is actually an Asterial Dragon.

Dragons find themselves on average as the most powerful race in Asteria. In ancient times this caused squabbling over power and money. The high dragons have made it a point that we are all equal and everyone will work to better the dragon race and Asteria as a whole. If you choose to be a dragon class you will follow their rules. That isn’t to say there are dragons who are not without the power and blessing of a dragon class, just that most are. There are also some cases where other races are accepted into the Dragon Class, either through heritage or by gaining favor. Usually this is a Moiety with dragon parent(s).

Starting SP – 50SP per level – 12
Starting Funds – 50,000scPay out per mission – Fixed 25K
Money will be tight, skills are around average but you will always have a powerful upper hand in your natural form.

All of your income goes back to your leaders and is redistributed to all Dragons. Whether in tough times or great times you’ll live comfortably enough, though getting more than comfortable may be a challenge.

Morph: Upon reaching young adult age, a dragon may commit themselves to the elders and the “dragon way”. Their implant will continue to be registered as themselves and they will be granted a single magic spell called Morph. This allows the user to change their form to any other race in Asteria, though only one form may be selected. During this large celebration into adult hood, this form will also be registered, allowing authorities or scanners to pick up on either identity as the same person. Morph allows dragons to intermingle with other races without needing to be housed in special ships, stations or buildings. (If not a dragon born naturally, your spell will morph you into a dragon.)

A Dragon’s Might: While in quadruped form – a dragon will gain +1 card to their max hand size any time they are in their larger, more powerful and natural state. If you morph back to bipedal form, discard one from your hand. If you only have one card in your hand when attempting to stop using “A Dragon’s Might” (by morphing): You will draw two cards and discard them if either of the two cards drawn are the suit of your sign. Remain conscious and keep the remaining card in your hand otherwise, you will collapse in your weaker state losing your last card. (Note this only applies if you are dragon class. Picking another class will limit your form to regular hand sizes)