Horizon 8

“Make each day a New Horizon.”

Horizon stations are known for their Agriculture Research and Development Programs.

Horizon 8 is located in the Incrementum region nearest the planet Apricity. The Horizon stations mission is about preserving life and growth. Each contain specialty Vaults for various specific agriculture needs ranging from seeds, crops and animals in their region.

Horizon 8 is features greenhouses and specializations in Orbital farming. Even though it is an Agriculture Research and Development station it has a large tourism industry. Featuring an intergalactic market where trades and selling of goods are encouraged. There are restaurants throughout the station that features food from Horizon 8 and sustainable shopping.


There are three domes with a center piece that juts out between two of the domes with one in front of it. There is a ring around each dome about 1/3rd to ½ the way up the domes. If you were to look at the station from above it would like the suit club or a clover.

The northern dome is the main hub for tourist activities. As you walk into the dome it is littered with trees and other plants throughout it. Restaurants, stores, market stalls, and other natural themed activities are all throughout the dome. The ring is hotel rooms/suites.

The Western Dome is known as for its R&D. They study and experiment plant and food growth and beneficial/negative properties of natural organisms (non-animal) for the region. This is where the seed vault for the region is also located. The ring around this one is for staff housing.

The Eastern dome is the greenhouse. It is split up into sections, each section is a different temperate/environment for optimize use for plants. There is both natural looking settings and Orbital farming in this dome. The ring here is for optimization units such as the medical, security head quarters, schooling, and such.

Each dome has a section underneath for storage and other things like so.

The center piece is for ship docking and maintenance. There is a section on top that is the main bridge of the station.


What is unique about Horizon is the amount of its Ferine population. It has a large Altaman and Half-dog population also. Rare to have humans, elves and such beings who are permanent residents on this station. Though all may visit. There is limited resources for Dragons to visit. (but they must be declared before arrival so that they can be accommodated.) No Dragons are permanently residing at Horizon 8 at this time.