Legacy Backgrounds

In Asteria, backgrounds are where you came from or what you’re starting out in. Most are careers while others had little choice, being born into their backgrounds.

The Captain
Crew Member
Dragon Class
Lone Wolf

The Captain

Usually a wealthy individual with something to prove. On average a Captain has less skills but more money to buy and maintain a ship for the party. They also start with the lowest skill points of all the backgrounds but the highest “Starting Funds” and rewards per mission.

Starting SP – 15 (Plus “A Captain’s Experience”)SP gained on level up – 10
Starting Funds – 10,000,000 SCPay out per mission – x3
You have previous investments that pay out to you from time to time. Conveniently it seems to come in whenever you finish a mission.

A Captain’s Experience: Captains may choose two specific skills to start with one Skilled, one advanced trained. (These may include “Magic” at the cost of three additional SP to unblock per magical skill chosen).

“The Captain’s Orders:” Once per encounter at any time the Captain may give orders as a free action. If a character follows a Captain’s order then they receive a bonus to any action. Bonus: The Captain may play 1 card from their hand and add that to the player’s total. Do not use as technique with the card played by “The Captain’s Orders.” (The Captain does not refresh their hand until the END of their next (or current) turn). Note: The character receiving the orders must have line of sight or be able to hear the orders.

Crew Member

Crew members typically have the best and most diverse skill set but lack in money.

Crew members are the backbone of Asteria. You live paycheck to paycheck but typically you know how to do your job better than your boss does. You were trained for the job(s) you’re meant to do and every crew member is different. You have low income but the highest skill points.

Starting SP – 60SP gained on level up – 15
Starting Funds – 75,000 SCPay out per mission – x0.5
The value you add to your team isn’t measured in SC.

“Quick Study:” You pick up on skills more quickly than other people. Able to reach Skilled and Elite techniques one level sooner. (level 2 to unlock skilled and 5, 9, 14 for elite skills.)


You’re famous! People throughout Asteria may know who you are. You’ve gotten to where you are on promises made and kept or empty promises broken throughout your career. Regardless, you know how to handle (and possibly manipulate) people. Your fame might also be a weakness in the wrong place.

Starting SP – 50SP gained on level up – 11
Starting Funds – 750,000 SCPay out per mission – x1.5
You don’t need to know how to handle your money. You have people who do that for you.

“Connections:” Once per day you may discard up to 3 cards from your hand. Redraw cards from the top of the deck, only keeping hearts. Continue drawing until you replace as many cards as you discarded.

This is my favorite corporation in Asteria:” You’re sponsored by a corporation! By publicly speaking about this corporation you can increase or decrease your favor with them. The more people who recognize you and want to buy the corporation’s products, the larger your discount. You may only be sponsored by one corporation at a time, changing your sponsorship takes one month for all your people to talk to their people. (This discount applies to your party.)
Creature Corp: 10%, 20%, 30%
Macesterial Industries: 5%, 10%, 20%
Entail Elgar: 5%, 10%, 15%

Dragon Class

“So … You’re a dragon?” Is often the response of someone who finds out their bipedal friend of several years is actually an Asterial Dragon.

Dragons find themselves on average as the most powerful race in Asteria, in ancient times this cause squabbling over power and money. The high dragons have made it a point that we are all equal and everyone will work to better their race and Asteria as a whole. If you choose to be a dragon class you will follow their rules. That isn’t to say there are dragons who are not without the power and blessing of a dragon class, just that most are. In some cases other races are accepted into the dragon class, either through heritage or by gaining favor. Usually this is a Moiety with dragon parent(s).

Starting SP – 50SP gained on level up – 12
Starting Funds – 50,000 SCPay out per mission – Fixed 25K
Money will be tight, skills are around average but you will always have a powerful upper hand in your natural form.

All of your income goes back to your leaders and is redistributed to all Dragons. Tough times or great times you’ll live comfortably enough. Though getting more than comfortable might be a challenge.

Morph: Upon reaching young adult a dragon may commit themselves to the elders and the “dragon way”. Their implant will continue to be registered as themselves and they will be granted a single magic spell. This allows the user to change their form to any other race in Asteria, though only one form may be picked. During this large celebration into adult hood, this form will also be registered. Allowing authorities or scanners to pick up on either identity as the same person. Morph allows dragons to intermingle with other races and not need to be housed in special ships, stations or buildings. (If not a dragon born naturally, your spell will morph you into a dragon.)

A Dragon’s might: While in quadruped form a dragon will gain +1 card to their max hand size at all times they are in their larger, more powerful and natural state. If you morph back to bi-pedal form, discard one from your hand. If you have only one card in your hand when attempting to stop using “A Dragon’s Might” (By morphing) You will draw two cards and discard them, if either of these two are the suit of your sign. Remain conscious and keep the remaining card in your hand otherwise, you will collapse in your weaker state losing your last card. (Note this only applies if you are dragon class. Picking another background will limit your form to regular hand sizes)

Lone Wolf

Often the first one to be at odds with a Captain’s orders. Lone wolves carry themselves. They don’t need to rely on anyone for anything. The jack of all trades, master of none.

Starting SP – 50SP gained on level up – 12
Starting Funds – 3,000,000 SCPay out per mission – x1.0
A Lone Wolf does well in a small party or by themselves. Some even find themselves as Captains.

“Let’s do it my way:” Once per day during their turn and in combat only, a lone wolf may choose one action and may not action split. Play every card in your hand to try and have it your way. Ignore all techniques and skills. You cannot refresh your hand size as normal, instead take one additional card at the end of each turn until back to normal hand size. Taking damage will stop your recovery and your new hand size will be what is left after discarding for damage. Note: This cannot be done on a skill that is naturally blocked. Cannot be combined with “The Captain’s Orders.”


You’re invisible to most tech scanners but lack the ability to interact with the world like everyone else can. A null is usually a slave or protected by friends. You will need to rely on your party for equipment and protection but your experience and way of getting around as a null has taught you well. Without implants you cannot be paid the way most people are which makes money hard to get. Note: Being a null is illegal.

Starting SP – 55SP gained on level up – 13
Starting Funds – 10,000 SCPay out per mission – x0.25
Some people think you’re unlucky. Meanwhile you’ve been making the best of it.

“Adapt and over come:” All “Streets” skills are half cost for a null. (Rounded up to the next whole number)

“Bag of tricks:” A null receives two exploits for every one rewarded.


You know magic better than the back of your hand. You don’t need to openly advertise it, others can almost smell it on you. Whether it be the way you dress, talk or act others just seem to know. A good wizard can bend the universe to your rules.

Starting SP – 45SP gained on level up – 10
Starting Funds – 25,000 SCPay out per mission – x1.0
You don’t need technology, money or the approval of the not magically inclined. You have magic that is approved by the council of wizards. Others who do magic are crude and lack the finesse you’ve gained.

“Wizard’s Creed:” Start with 4 “Magic” skills at Unskilled instead of Natural Block. Pick 4 other skills to be blocked instead. You may never learn those skills, but it’s a small price to pay for the magic you’ve learned.

“One word, Magic:” Wizards can have one spell and maintain it in the back of their mind, they may not modify its strength but do not need to constantly play to keep the spell active. However this magic is considered static, meaning it can be a direct target or a area. To move the or interact with the spell you will need to replay one word magic, as your focus can only be on one thing at a time. The play on the spell is set off to the side, face up in front of the player and must be broken down or dismissed. You may NOT refresh your hand equal to the number of cards in “One word, Magic.” If you take damage while holding a spell out side of your hand then you MUST discard from your hand. Example: You make an ice wall to block a doorway and place an ace down. This will live face up next to you and next turn, you can play a second spell or a different action. Those attacking the door must do 15+ damage to remove the ice wall or the wizard can dismiss the spell.
Notes: You may only have a single “One word, Magic” spell in play at a time. Dismissing is a free action on your turn. If you are KO’ed while two or more cards are in play with “One word, Magic” you lose the spell instantly and then draw one card but remain prone until your turn.