Legacy Exploits

Exploits allow your character a special amount of luck or rule bending. This doesn’t have to be explained by your character. They may not even be aware of it. It could be your religion, a random spark of inspiration, your magical prowess or anything else. These are to add more flavor to your character and to help get you out of a bad situation.

Hand Exploitation

Been Dealt a Bad Hand
A little bit of luck lets you try and change your perspective of the problem. Once per day at the start of your turn. You may discard your entire hand and redraw up to your current hand size. You may do this before initiative but this will count as your “Been dealt a bad hand” for the day.

Thought Cleanse
Maybe you just woke up on the wrong side of the bed today but sometimes it feels like you should just trade it in and try again. Once per encounter you may discard one card from your hand and redraw one card. You may do this at any time except during a technique chain or while taking damage.

Tired of Trash
Upon taking this feat pick one suit and write it next to this. Once per day if your ‘trash’ suit is equal to or more than 50% of your current hand size then you may discard those cards and flip the top cards from the deck, equal to your level or the amount of cards you discarded whichever is higher. Keep any that are not the trash suit. (You may not exceed your current hand size but may pick and choose which you want from the flips).

Burn Out
Once per week your character may draw cards equal to their level. You may exceed your hand size but you may not refresh your hand until you play your last card or the encounter ends. Then refresh back to your current hand size. If you take damage before refreshing to your current hand size, your new current hand size will be one after burnout completes.

Not So Terrible Twos
You may add any suit of two from your hand to a play for free. If you are trained or higher in this skill, do not count the two towards your max cards in current play. Instantly refresh your hand equal to the amount of twos you have played, continue action as normal.

I’m Better Than This
Once per encounter at the start of your turn. You may discard one card for every two character levels. (Level 1 characters may still discard 1) Redraw to your current hand size before playing the rest of your turn.

Deck Exploitation

Grave Robber
Once per day on any turn other than your own you may search through your discard pile and switch one card from your hand with the discard pile.

Once per encounter at any time except during a technique chain. Draw the top card of your deck and view it. Trade it with one card from your hand and place on the top of the deck, discard the viewed card or place the viewed card back on the top of your deck.

Reset Button
Once per day on any turn other than your own place all discarded cards back into your deck and shuffle it.

Universe Exploitation

For up to 3 times per day and (25,000 SC per level OR 10% of your total SC (HSC included). Whichever is higher.) you may pay off the Guide to play one card off the top of the deck instead. Including if the Guide flips a narration or random generation card, they must flip another. Not what you wanted and still have “Gambler” uses left? You can have the Guide instantly flip another card for an additional fee and repeat a third time if possible. Now if only you could figure out where tens of thousands of SC are going.

Character Exploitation

Get Over Here
Once per round during your turn, play acrobatics skill (or EVA in 0G) for free to close the distance to a target of your choice. Do not refresh hand until the end of your turn like normal. Note: Every point played is one “step” or ~1 meter. You may apply your skills and technique to this feat.

Split Action
On your turn you may choose to split your action. You may only play one technique per round even with split action. You may use a technique on your first or second action. This may cut back or remove your movement depending on actions. Note: You may not cast a spell and split action. Example: “I want to bash this guy in the head and close the ship’s door using the panel.” You would play spades and use your melee skill with technique. Then play everyday tech without technique bonus to close the door.

Magical Grounding
Once per day you may use magic near technology without disrupting its normal function.

Called It
Once per day as a free action. Pick a suit and flip the top card on the deck. If it is the suit you picked you may instantly reset any background specific ability and/or exploits timer. Total can be no more than 7 days worth.