Magical Equipment

Magical equipment is typically a magically imbued item that has been honed to serve a specific function. Sometimes these items are created for their specific purpose, others it is a side effect being exploited. The other type of magical equipment allows for easier channeling, more often than not these will be exclusive to wizards as they don’t tend to like sharing their secrets and increasing the power of the general public, magic users or not.

Much of the magical equipment you will find needs to be charged. This is typically done by the wearer or the ship’s wizard providing you’re lucky enough to have one. Not all wizards bother with learning how to magically charge, but it can offer a way to supplement the ever increasing costs of improving gear. Sometimes you may even find or break a magic item and it will need to be repaired. Thankfully, those who know how to charge magical items can often weave the fabric of magic bound to it back together properly.

Much like regular equipment you must be equal to or greater than the bonus provided by the equipment in order to purchase it. For example the Flowing Magic Robes provides a +3 bonus. You will not be able to purchase this until level 3 or higher. Either you haven’t earned quite enough clout yet or it just isn’t in stock.

Magical Armor

Magical armor cannot be combined with any armor in equipment or vise versa, it can however fit under dedicated EVA suits unless specified otherwise.

NameDescription/Background RequirementEffectPrice in SC
Magic RobesThe most basic in “wizard wear”. Mass manufactured and cheap with a tingle of magic in them. / None.Once per-day you may play one card from the top of your deck instead of your hand for any* play. If choosing to use your magic robe you may not change your mind if you do not like the results of it.
*This may not be used to defend/reduce damage
Provides no protection.
Flowing Magic RobesLarge, glorious and flowing as you walk. Truly you are a wizard just by the way you dress. Typically chosen as a status symbol these robes also have a function if you know how to use them right. / None.Must be magically charged. If charged and worn you may use your Flowing Magic Robes to give a +3 to any personal movement play for free. This uses the one and only charge. Max Charges 1 (+3 Acrobatics or EVA)
Provides no protection.
Enchanted Apparel Typical looking textile clothes with magical enchantments. / None.Must be magically charged. When magically charged and worn this will add a +3 to any skill of “Magic” played by its user. These clothes must be worn to use its effect. Max Charges 2 (When playing magic you receive a +3 bonus to your Magic skills play until Enchanted Apparel is out of charges)
Provides no protection.
Lustrous RobesRobes with a sheen of magical energy. Hand made by a well known wizard tailor. / None.Magical armor, no matter the size or type of damage produced it will always reduce damage by 9. Effectively blocking most unskilled goons from hurting your wizard frame. (Subtract 9 from all damage dealt. Note: You do not heal if it is a negative number. You simply take 0 damage)
Magical ShellA joint venture between the no longer in business MagTek and Durmi Enchanting. The magical shell is not unlike a turtle shell and is strapped over each shoulder and dawned like a large backpack. This will fade to whatever the wearer desires their outfit to be at the moment it is charged. The magical shell is said to give resistance to the wearer. A friendly reminder to never wear the shell without under garments. / Yes, must be a Wizard or Dragon ClassMust be magically charged. Your Magical Shell will remain charged for 8 hours. The magical shell will block any incoming damage up to the amount played when the shell was charged. Damage is cumulative, if your shell is cracked or broken by more damage than your charge, it will fail instantly and need to be recharged. Any damage over the amount when broken will be dealt like normal. (Example: If I charged my shell for an ace, valued at 15 points. I would then have a shield capable of absorbing up to 15 points. Either in one turn or 3 turns of 5 damage.)1.7Million