Update 2022

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your interest in Abide Asteria, we didn’t want to leave you wondering as to what the state of the game is.

We’re still actively improving and developing Abide Asteria. Our goal is to have the site updated with all new pages before September. This includes new verbiage re-written by an English major/writer. We’ve also got new images coming and every page is being redesigned from scratch using what we’ve learned so far.

The best place to reach us is on Discord, we’ve noticed a uptick in visitors and many of you are clicking the link but not joining. We understand if you cannot join or don’t like our strict security policy. We’re just using the generic Discord maximum security to protect our users and lower the chance of bots. If you’re not interested but still want to know more, feel free to use the contact us form to email direct to us.

Thanks again for your interest and we look forward to continuing to improve this new way to travel the stars!

“Abide Asteria is astounding! It is free, it is fun…”

“Abide Asteria is astounding! It is free, it is fun, and it is the perfect tabletop system for veterans and newbies alike. Abide Asteria is a card-based tabletop game that combines easy-to-learn-rules with boundless possibilities. You are not limited to sci-fi or fantasy, because this game has both. One moment you are breaking into a high security bank vault alongside a literal dragon, and the next you are fleeing across a castle courtyard engaged in a spell-slinging battle with androids. This game is wild!”

Jeremy Fair – Host of Dice Talk/GM of Eclipse

Learn more about Jeremy, Dice Talk & Eclipse.

“The game is easy to get into… It isn’t often that you get to play a full dragon running around in space!”

“I played Abide Asteria for an charity event that was run by The Lead Developer. It is easy to pick up and they ran a fun game for a group of more chaotic players. I like that all you need is a deck of playing cards and a website to play. It gives it a lot of room to have cooperative story telling. The game is easy to get into. The races were some of my favorite. It isn’t often that you get to play a full dragon running around in space!”

Learn more about Dragon Bait and Majestic Goose Network: https://www.majesticgoose.com/

Large Changes Q1 2021

We have finished our current web redesign. All of our commissioned art is now on display. We hope to have more in the future! We’re working on a bug inside the equipment page on mobile devices but otherwise we expect this should be working. We encourage you to join discord for a much more detailed change log and updates as they happen. We also want your input!

First update of 2021

We have been working hard to bring Abide Asteria to life. This month marks a huge milestone as we launched both Discord and The Guide to Asteria. Though the guide will take a lot more work we are excited to have it put down on paper for others to read and give us input. We have other really exciting works happening in the background. If you want more frequent and detailed updates, follow along on Discord.

Version 0.1

Thank you for stopping in! Welcome to Abide Asteria.

Abide Asteria has reached a state of early access. We’re inviting people to come join us and help fix rules, bugs and balancing. If you’re interested in hosting Abide Asteria for your group, please email info@abideasteria.com and we can get you the pre-release “Teller’s Corner” which is the Game Master’s rule book.