Asteria’s Notables

Abide Asteria can be a huge place to visit and it may be daunting to come up with names for systems, stations and other notable locations. We encourage you to use this page to help fill those gaps with our supporters’ names.

Abide Asteria is independently developed and hosted with the support of super generous people. These notables have supported Asteria with their time, knowledge, money and opinions. We love each and every one of you who support us.

Ever notice that our website is quick and snappy? We’re not professional web developers with some fancy coding up our sleeves but we learned a great trick. Just don’t serve any ads! We know that an ad-free experience results in less cash flow instead we rely entirely on donations to maintain this experience and add more content.

Station Sponsors

These monthly supporters help us each and every month with upkeep and growth. As little as $1 a month makes a huge difference in the quality of service and content we can bring you. Among the other perks you get, here’s a public thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We encourage Guides to use these names when creating space stations in your game.

New and Improving Stations – (Current Supporters)

Aging Stations – (Previous Supporters)

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Star Systems

These are all of the generous souls who helped build and continue to expand our world. Thank you to everyone who made a one-time donation. We encourage Guides to use some of these names in your campaigns for star systems.

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Notable Characters/Orgs

The following people have directly influenced or helped Abide Asteria. Thank you for your time, generosity and being amazing people. In your games, these could be NPCs or beloved organizations. Be sure to check out these amazingly talented people outside of Abide Asteria.

Noteworthy NPCs
Almei – Altavi – Medic/Pilot
Ezera – Huztok – Wizard

Is your name missing? Give us a couple days as this needs to be manually updated. Also it helps if you provide us with an email, DM on discord or note with your donation explaining who you made the donation as and what name you’d like displayed.

Is an incorrect name listed or you don’t want to be listed? Just send us an email with proof of your donation and we will remove your name or update it for you.

Purchased on DriveThruRPG for $1 or more? Send us an email or DM on discord with proof of your purchase and the name you’d like displayed.

What names are acceptable? You may use any name you’d like so long as it isn’t offensive, copyrighted/trademarked material or vulgar. Please note that failure to follow this will result in your name being removed and forfeiting your display. Although not required, we encourage fun, sci-fi and campy names to add to our list.

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