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In Asteria there are many races of all sizes, shapes and types. You may mix any race to a fraction decided by your Guide. It’s worth noting that your race may change the way others view you. Typically picking a popular race in Asteria will increase how others view you. Your Guide should know the importance in their version of Asteria.

It should be noted that this is not all of the races just examples. If you want to import a race that isn’t listed, just let your party know their appearance and make sure you pick a size. Small, medium or large. Then picking if they are Asterial, Ferine or Moiety.


Typically Asterials are a pure breed of the following. They usually are more egotistical than other races and view themselves as superiors. There were more Asterials before they were forced to leave and create “New Asteria.”

The last race to join the Asterials. Humans were reluctantly allowed to join after the heated debates between the highest powers on their planet and the rest of the Asterials. When the humans found that Elgar (and later all of the Asterials) were taking their people, animals and plants to help repopulate Asteria, this was their number one demand- to join those in the stars at the highest level. After all, their planet was going to help save the universe.

Taller, thinner humanoids with long pointy ears. They quickly gained the nickname elves from humans. Though that seems acceptable, it is quite an insult to confuse one for a human. Macesterial were said to be the ones to bring magic to Asteria. Even if that is untrue they do have a certain way of using and guarding it.

Elgar have large heads, large black eyes and have famously been caught abducting Earth’s creatures for Asteria repopulation efforts by Earth’s only sentient creatures. Crashing ships on their planet allowed the Elgar to spark an unlikely positive relationship with an otherwise hostile race. Typically Elgar have gray skin and aren’t quite as tall as an average human.

Sentient plant creatures. Though there are Leefa spawned from Earth they existed long before coming across the flora of the blue and green planet. They were happily accepted in as Asterials. Leefa are typically well-mannered and relaxed individuals with different needs than most other races. They require moisture and special or direct starlight, along with atmosphere containing at least small amounts of co2. Leefa enjoy a good rest in various soils from all over Asteria. Apparently each one has a different flavor.

Humanoids with horns and tails. They have a variety of skin colors and are sometimes referred to as the devil race. Though it’s considered rude or harsh to call one such. Daklin require warmth – 40°C (104°F) is the coolest a Daklin can survive without clothes for long periods of time. Often Daklin wear jackets and since their bodies produce much more heat than other races, this seems to be a fine compromise.

(See Dragon page (coming soon))
Arguably the rarest and highest held race in Asteria. Nearly all known dragons either come from or are royalty. It is said that a dragon may transform itself to walk among the other races as one of them, often allowing for easy transport in what would otherwise be small vessels. Dragons might also be the sole reason behind all other races being upright when introduced to Asteria. *All dragons should use the custom Dragon class, this is optional but highly recommended to survive in Asteria.


Races that are more animalistic in features. Ferine are easily identified by being covered in fur, scales or having other major animalistic features. When creating the Ferine some human genetics were shared, giving a humanoid shape in most cases.

These are just a few of the popular Ferine from Earth.

Feline in appearance, Altavi share a large mixture of fur patterns and can range from just above half human height to larger than average. They’re usually fairly athletic as long as you can convince them to stop being aloof.

This includes all canid family. From Wolves to foxes and even the ancient man’s best friend domestic dog. Vultup come in various sizes, builds, fur length and patterns. Vultup can be loyal to a fault after bonding with someone or a group.

One of the first successful Ferine races. Martaco are descended from primates. They have the least amount of added genetics and can range from small to large. The most common Martaco is genetically tied to what was once lemurs. They are smaller with black, white and gray fur and long, striped tails. One of these is the most famous pilot in Asteria and the mascot for Creature Corp’s most financially successful ship the “Flea Shooter.”

A large family of reptiles that includes those with scales, smoothed skin, mixed or even horned. Often called lizards but horribly inaccurate to where Huztok belong. They can range from small to large.

Feathered folk whose descendants once flew in the clouds on their home planet. Most Bratal are covered in feathers and have wide, thin arms and a beak-like nose and mouth. Feathers can vary wildly in color or be one solid color. Bratal range from small to medium.

A low population race worth noting is Rai’ao as they are unique to themselves. Descendants of the Rhinoceros, these large and well- mannered people have thick skin and make great bouncers or muscle. Rai’ao are usually the last to be perturbed over an issue though they have a certain way of getting others to stop.


Some fractional combination of two or more other races. Usually in higher status than Ferine. Moiety are very carefully selected at a gene splicer by a family and created to be exactly what combination of them to carry down. Humans tend to enjoy making Moiety more than any other race.

The following are just a few examples of the most popular Moiety.

Unsurprisingly the first documented human choice of Moiety was a human with feline ears and a tail. This still remains a popular choice over five hundred years later.

Half Dog
Part Vultup and part Human, this has become even more popular than “Altamen” over the years. The loyal companion nature and eagerness to do a good job has spurred other and unrelated races to hire, buy or adopt Half Dog.

Dragons get along better with Huztok than any other race spawned from Earth. A match made across the stars. Dragtok can be quite a status symbol, rivaling even Maefa for top of the Moiety.

The first of Moiety. The Elf-Plant combination was around long before humans were accepted into the Asterials. The calm-natured, green-skin elves enjoyed being the only Moiety for a few years before it became clear they’d need a much larger gene pool to expand Moiety.