Red Alert – Part 2.10

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Jack returns to his apartment and rushes to where he kept his magical supplies. The hand made bookcase from a Serveus elder tree. A knotty dark wood that was historically known for being able to retain magical charge of items within it for decades. None of that really mattered to Jack as he was the source of magic for the object he was retrieving, his wand.

He stuffs the slender magic channeling device into his belt and rushes from his modest apartment, he passes an elgar that he’d not recalled seeing before but didn’t have time to investigate. The smaller gray skin peers at Jack judgmentally with their large dark eyes, likely wondering why Jack was running at a rather dangerous speed around the Lime. Surely that elgar heard whatever rocked the station, didn’t they? Jack didn’t have time to wonder about it and arrives beside Voxel a few moments later just outside engineering.

There he finds Voxel looking through a window in what they normally used as a break room. His large floppy ear turns and picks itself up as much as it could to hear Jack come in. He turns to him and frowns. “Looks like the parkilu got loose.” Jack knew what a parkilu was, a medium sized three leg creature with a neck of eye balls and a long tongue, who generally loved licking electricity. Usually green or brown, but more exotic colors were possible. As he looks through the window into engineering he’s met with a scene of wrecked panels, cracked displays and even a couple of downed figures he recognizes as part of his team. It sort of all clicked together months of background thoughts engaging like a final missing gear to a large machine. How had he not known thats why they wanted a new CDF and new infrastructure to the power system? It did explain how LM13 was able to fund everything, but who were they selling the parkilu to? Jack looks over at Voxel who’s large floppy ears seem to be down and a bit forward. “Yah, didn’t know did ya. Auh, well. Suppose we’re even, I wasn’t keeping it from you on purpose. Just figured you knew.” Jack was a bit absent in his own body while Voxel looking at Voxel holding a combat rifle. A moment later his eyes settle down the tool bag on the floor. As Voxel gestures with the rifle he smiles grimly. “I expect the higher ups will be pissed, but we can’t let them destroy engineering either. Take the whole lime with it.” Jack nods his agreement and reaches down grabbing his magical wand. “Good idea, if you disrupt the CDF they’ll have nothing to suck on. Maybe we can coax them back to their pen rooms.” That seemed optimistic at best, especially considering they’d already injured or killed part of their team. Which raises the next question, where was security?

Jack and Voxel ready themselves, Jack proceeds to open the door next to the window they’d been looking through. To his horror a parkilu was waiting just on the other side of it and leaps on Jack before either of them could react, somehow they just couldn’t see it from the window and this one wasn’t with the other. The three leg creature topples Jack backwards and stomps its feet on him before trying to sprint the way they’d come. Voxel was too worried to shoot at it while on Jack but after it leaves there’s a distinct crack, crack, crack sound followed by a ringing in Jack’s ears.

Taking Damage

Taking damage is fairly common in any type of adventure game. Unlike most games even something as simple as taking damage requires strategy, thought and adds a tension to the scene unlike any other game. At least that’s the goal.

The parkilu does a total of 6 damage to Jack, right now you should have 5 cards in your hand. To resolve the damage done to your character you’ll need to discard a card or set of cards valued at 6 or higher. The strategy to this is, perhaps you have an ace in your hand and the rest of your cards are lower than 6. You could discard that ace valued at 15 or discard two cards for this example we’ll say two 3s. Remember that suits are also important for technique chains, in some cases you may want to discard more cards to keep an important suit or a high card for your action next turn.

Something else important to remember about discarding damage is, since your hand is also your health pool you’ll be unable to refill your hand completely until healed or rested. A good example is, if you discard one card your new “current hand size” is 4. Meaning at the end of your turn you’ll only refresh your hand up to 4. This limits your character’s ability to retaliate and function at full capacity. If you discard two cards this will make your new “current hand size” 3 and you’ll need to be healed for “two cards worth”, this is true even if you only took six damage and discarded two cards valued at 3. If your current hand size reaches zero your character is unconscious.

This is a great time to mention that you can always play the last card out of your hand and remain conscious unless otherwise stated by an effect. You only are unconscious if you discard your last card as damage.

Its important to remember how damage works and how much strategy can go into something so simple. We aren’t just tracking numbers on a paper but actively making you to think and be creative to find new solutions. Feel free to review this section and as always, reach out if you have questions.

After you’ve discarded card(s) valued at 6 or higher, lets continue to the next page where Jack will play magic(♢) against the parkilu. This is a hint that might sway your choice of what to discard, if you’re confused by this or hesitant just ignore this paragraph and discard 6 or higher without worry, you’re still learning.