Ships are a planned expansion in the future and in development. For now you can use a ship as a mobile base of operation. The “on foot” or “in person” portion of Abide Asteria is complete, please see the Player’s Hand Book and Guide Book for more info. If you would like to help test the ships section please reach out over discord or email.


Flea Shooter (0.9M)
Warrior A.N.T. (9.5M)
Boar (13.5M)
KR-54292 (29M)


Hippo (24M)


Pack-Rat (9M)
BE-1990 (34M)
Puma (99.8M)
Valkyrie (360M)
AZ-544477 (990M)

Crew sizes are recommended you may exceed or have less, however your ship may not perform at it’s peek without meeting the recommended. You may also run into additional issues if your ship is well beyond it’s recommended crew size.(It is the Guide’s discretion.) Note: Any station that is not manned uses computers that are “safe and within regulation” to complete their duty. This may be modified with outside systems, however it is possible for a uncrewed ship to fly to a destination and complete all tasks.

Cargo and Systems are pressurized and climate controlled, unless stated otherwise. They are approximately 10 meters cubed per unit. Both may be space used beyond their listed purpose with enough work and expansion.

Engine size must match the ship type. See ships equipment(coming soon). This also will tell you what skill you use for the ship you are flying.

Range is measured in STS a measurement in Asteria approximately how many systems you can travel before refueling or regenerating. A standard STS takes about 10 minutes to travel when traveling at STS speeds.

Proprietary is a ship’s system/weapon/equipment that is integrated with the ship and cannot be changed out with other ship equipment. The stats associated with this system cannot be modified. Typically this is on cheaper fighters or ships.


Name: Flea Shooter
Manufacturer: Creature Corp
Crew: 1 (Fighter PIlot)
Weapons: 2 Fixed Proprietary
Max Cargo: N/A
Engine Size: X-Small Proprietary
Range: Local (3 hours)
Local Speed: 10
Systems: Proprietary
Max Hand Size: 5
System Resistance: 5
Engine Output: 5
Power Complexity: N/A
Price: 900,000

Stackable! New special designed flea shooters can stack on one another, lowering their cargo volume. We’re proud to announce you can now fit two Flea Shooters for one standard cargo unit! Launching from a cargo bay? Ask about our special designed launch skid. Comes with your choice of Laser, Rail or Missiles mix and match.

Flea Shooters are the cheapest space capable craft in Asteria. Usually piloted by smaller ferine, due to the size of the flea shooter they are extraordinarily hard to hit. Flimsy design and cut corners leave the Flea Shooter’s reliability and durability questionable at best. It’s said that if you meet a flea shooter pilot they just haven’t been hit yet. Flea shooters are so disposable and “are held to such high quality standard” they don’t accept trades of used Flea Shooters.

Name: Warrior A.N.T.
Manufacturer: Creature Corp
Crew: 1 (Fighter Pilot)
Weapons: 2 Gimbled 4 Fixed
Max Cargo: N/A
Engine Size: X-Small
Range: Local
Local Speed: 12
Systems: Advanced Proprietary
Max Hand Size: 7
System Resistance: 7
Engine Output: 10
Power Complexity: N/A
Price: 9,500,000

“The ultimate budget fighter.”

Easily the most common single seat fighter in Asteria and for good reason. One Ant in the right hands of a capable fighter pilot can stop a criminal ship as large as a Puma. Creature Corp is sure to point out the one time this ever happened and hired the pilot as their mascot for the ANT. Who is now reported to be one of the richest and most decorated ferine alive.

Name: Boar
Manufacturer: Creature Corp
Crew: 3-4
(Fighter Pilot, Gunner, Engineer, Bridge Worker)
Weapons: 2F 4T
2 Fixed Oversized
4 Turrets on rotating ring
Max Cargo: 4
Engine Size: Small
Range: 80STS
Local Speed: 9
Systems: 6
NOTE: For each tusk weapon mounted 2 system slots are used. To help manage and house.
Max Hand Size: 16
System Resistance: 6
Engine Output: 20
Power Complexity: 6
Price: 13,500,000

The Boar is a heavy fighter or bomber depending on the outfitted fixed weapons as ‘tusks’ in the front controlled and aimed by the pilot. It’s common to see the cost of weapons exceed the cost of the price of entry into a Boar. The much larger lasers, rail guns or torpedos make this ship a favorite among strike teams. Usually engaging medium to capital ships. The Boar maintains maneuverability and high fire power in a relatively condensed package. The interior of a Boar is cramped and can get very hot in combat when lasers are being used as the fixed weapons. Regardless of what weapons you fit to the tusks Creature Corp recommends you have a qualified engineer available at all times managing systems and power.

The Boar has more recently been showing up flown by pirates, demanding ransom or risk the safety of a much larger vessel who is not as well armed. The first and most famous incident was three years ago where one pirate Boar held up a cruise liner near New Asteria Prime for two hours while every passenger was required to pay upwards of two million SC. That investigation is still on going.

Name: KR-54292
Manufacturer: Entail Elgar
Crew: 1-2
(Fighter Pilot, Copilot/Gunner)
Weapons: 1 Omni directional Laser
Max Cargo: 6
Engine Size: X-Small EE-Only
Range: 160STS
Local Speed: 15
Systems: 3
Max Hand Size: 12
System Resistance: 8
Engine Output: 12
Power Complexity: N/A
Price: 29,000,000

The K.R. is a circular shape tapering to the outer circumference from both above and below with a bulbus top and bottom. A powerful laser bank sits on the entire outer ring of the ship. You can never out maneuver a K.R. if they are in range.

Like many Elgar ships it’s over designed, overly complex and incredibly powerful so long as it’s working. The ship’s maneuverability matches ships easily a third it’s size while using special designed engines capable of FTL and are more efficient than seemingly possible. Even the interior has very well laid out space giving the illusion the ship is bigger on the inside than seems possible. Everything from the panels on the outside to the least important button in the entire craft is quality made. It seems they still haven’t figured out how to make a inspirational name to match such a fine craft.


Name: Hippo
Manufacturer: Creature Corp
Crew: 3-4
(Pilot, Engineer, Gunner, Bridge Worker)
Weapons: 2 Turret
Max Cargo: 46
Engine Size: Medium
Range: 280STS
Local Speed: 3
Systems: 6
Max Hand Size: 14
System Resistance: 5
Engine Output: 24
Power Complexity: 6
Price: 24,000,000

The hippo is a dedicated cargo hauler. Typically the space truckers on long hauls with medium to large loads pick a hippo. Reliability, affordability, comfort. Named Hippo after the strange choice to put the cockpit up on the top of a big flat belly cargo area. Hippos aren’t very well defended but aren’t typically used in places that they would need to be worried about being attacked.

Hippo is a good choice for those trying to expand their business and don’t mind living a little closer to their crew in the cramped utilitarian living space.


Name: Pack-Rat
Manufacturer: Creature Corp
Crew: 3
(Pilot, Gunner, Engineer)
Weapons: 4 Turret
Max Cargo: 12
Engine Size: Small
Range: 360STS
Local Speed: 5
Systems: 4
Max Hand Size: 15
System Resistance: 7
Engine Output: 20
Power Complexity: 6
Price: 9,000,000

The Pack-Rat is cheaper than most other multi-crewed ships designed to offer full time living. Even used ones. Most businesses or entrepreneurs find their start in a Pack-Rat. Others try to escape settling down and the large taxes that go with it, though often find keeping a ship running is more expensive than just paying to stay on land or in a station.

Name: BE-1990
Manufacturer: Entail Elgar
Crew: 3-4
(Pilot, Pilot/Gunner, Engineer, Bridge Worker)
Weapons: 4 Omni Directional Laser
Max Cargo: 20
Engine Size: S Entail Elgar Exclusive
Range: 300STS
Local Speed: 8
Systems: 7
Max Hand Size: 28
System Resistance: 6
Engine Output: 28
Power Complexity: 7
Price: 34,000,000

Entail Elgar’s best selling ship. The B.E. design dates back hundreds of years. Don’t let it’s age and simple shape fool you, the B.E. set the standard for Entail Elgar over engineered quality. It is a well tested platform that is still being developed for to this day.

The B.E. has three hemi spheres on the lower under pan of the ship that control propulsion. One on every corner. These change color or turn off depending on how much propulsion they are currently producing. Like all Entail Elgar ships it can move in any direction or fire in any direction without need for moving parts.

Name: Puma
Manufacturer: Creature Corp
Crew: 4-5
(Pilot, Gunners (2), Bridge Worker, Engineer)
Weapons: 8 Turret
Max Cargo: 20
Engine Size: Medium
Range: 360STS Half Travel Time
Local Speed: 8
Systems: 15
Max Hand Size: 20
System Resistance: 8
Engine Output: 15
Power Complexity: 6
Price: 99,800,000

The Puma is very agile for it’s size. It was designed for rapid response to deliver aid or relief. The vast systems on the ship allow for aid to be rendered to injured people while in flight to a medical facility. The Puma has gained a cult following in gangs and organized crime. The large amount of systems and equipment hard points can be easily modified to support weapons and electronic warfare. Modified Pumas are becoming more common yet they still aren’t technically illegal.

Name: Valkyrie
Manufacturer: Macestrial Industries
Crew: 4-5
(Pilot, Gunners (2), Bridge Worker, Engineer)
Weapons: 10 Turret
Max Cargo: 18
Engine Size: Medium
Range: 400STS
Local Speed: 5
Systems: 22
Max Hand Size: 30
System Resistance: 9
Engine Output: 40
Power Complexity: 10
Price: 360,000,000
(Macestrial discount with DNA test)

The Valkyrie comes outfitted with interior walls painted to the purchaser’s desires and a suite of wine racks filled with your choice from New Macestrial Prime. It’s build quality for a medium engine vessel is near perfection. Every bolt and nut is specifically tightened and checked. It’s said that with power off and at high speeds you cannot hear the micro-debris hitting the ship. It’s well insulated and over all nicer than most homes in this price range. Though make no mistake the Valkyrie is not a form over function luxury yatch, should a Valkyrie show you it’s teeth. Macestrial Industries recommends you power down and let cooler heads prevail. Assuming you haven’t already insulted their captain.

Name: AZ-544477
Manufacturer: Entail Elgar
Crew: 18
(Pilots (2), Gunners (4), Bridge Workers (2), Engineers(6), Fighter Pilots(4))
Weapons: 10 Omni Directional Laser
Max Cargo: 450
Engine Size: XL Entail Elgar Exclusive
Range: 580STS
Local Speed: 1
Systems: 32
Max Hand Size: 999+
System Resistance: 11
Engine Output: 200
Power Complexity: 10
Price: 990,000,000

Entail Elgar’s first capital ship though it has went through many revisions. The ship is as large as some cities, spanning over 1,800 meters in one at it’s longest point across.

The A.Z. has nine hemi spheres on the lower under pan of the ship that control propulsion. One in the front and four on each side that runs down to the end of the craft, widening the stance almost like an arrow head shape. These change color or turn off depending on how much propulsion they are currently producing. The A.Z. Also can hold a small ship or up to four fighters that can be launched at anytime.