Speed Lore

This page is designed to help to get you up to speed and into Asteria as fast as possible. We are in the works of creating a expanded lore though this will be later. Please write us if anything doesn’t fit or isn’t clear.

How Asteria came to be
Expanding Genetics
Through the ages
Inner worlds
Outer Worlds

How Asteria came to be.

  • Asterials left Coeus (old Asteria) due to rampant AI
  • This was accomplished by combining magic with an electronic disruptor
  • Though the AI couldn’t be defeated in this manner it did allow them time to run
  • Best solution was to expand genetic life
  • Earth became a candidate after human’s year 1945AD when a large concentration of energy on a rather large island of their planet had gained their attention.
  • Asterials had been studying this planet while they were near it
  • Elgar took great interest while other races worked to find other life and planets
  • The Asterials that remained near Earth began collecting genetic samples from various life forms
  • Humans were deemed too hostile and thus avoided
  • However the samples from other life forms were found to be largely incompatible with Asterial DNA, but very suitable with Human’s
  • During this time an Elgar ship crashed on planet (1947)
  • The dominant and sentient species known as Humans became aware of Asterials
  • Humans offered to help with their predicament and grow genetic pool in exchange for technology, ships and weapons. (They were using their planet’s genetics without permission after all)
  • After decades of this agreement, the Humans conditions changed – they wanted to become Asterials too.

Expanding Genetics

  • The goal of expanding genetics is to maybe one day take back Coeus or at least allow some of life to escape and try again in the future should they ever be found by the AI.
  • Gene Splicers create life from raw DNA
  • Clones are entirely possible but usually frowned upon as that isn’t expanding genetics
  • Genes from various different species can be mixed and this was first introduced with Leefa and Macesterials who invented the technique out of necessity, also creating the first Moeity.
  • Asterials were not interested in combinations other than Meefa at first
  • Humans were much more open to not only mixing with others but also pushing for more of it. Though it’s worth noting that most of their planet’s life is what is in use
  • As Moiety became more common-place (mostly due to Humans), more Asterials are interested


  • Implants are added at birth with all identifying information about the person
  • It allows them to interact with electronic systems such as taking/making payments
  • All implants include magical grounding so they cannot be affected by magic
  • These are used to track all people throughout Asteria
  • It is illegal to not have an implant and usually only happens from a natural birth or a very well paid off gene splicer.
  • Gene splicing is typically used for births
  • Those without implants are known as nulls.
  • Nulls who are caught are forced to endure an implant at their own expense (Outer World laws may vary). This usually indebts the null to the governing system for life due to an additional fine for each year of a null’s life and the complication of adding a ‘grown’ implant to someone who is not a newborn.
  • ‘Grown’ implants are uncommon and extremely expensive

Through the ages

  • Approximately 500 years have passed since making the agreement for humans to join Asterials and being introduced to the already existing races of Ferine.
  • Asteria has expanded greatly and though the highest leaders are well aware of the AI threat the general public doesn’t know or doesn’t care as there has been no signs of such things

Inner Worlds

  • Sphere shaped section of the known universe consisting of systems that are under the protection of the ‘Liberators’ (the primary Asterial Elite Guard).
  • Local worlds would have their own law enforcement and laws
  • Inner worlds are constantly monitored for implants, who comes and goes, where everyone is, what their intentions are. The society is rather locked down and very safe, crime is fairly low and very hard to get away with.

Outer Worlds

  • Worlds beyond the reach of the Asteria Government
  • Not exactly lawless, just without the promised protection of the Liberators. They are always expanding the inner worlds and most outer worlds accept them when they come with little or no confrontation.
  • All worlds/stations/ships are responsible for their own safety and laws


  • Hard Spell Chips (physical) or Spell Credits (virtual) are the most widely accepted currency throughout inner and outer worlds
  • Hard Spell Chips were created by an ancient Asterial of high magical prowess.
  • HSC or hard spell chips are compressible as much as 50,000 to 1 chip or as little as 0.01.
  • These magical chips gained a following as they were a sign of prestige, starting with only wizards or high Asterials who had access to them.
  • HSC or Hard Spell Chips were originally just called Spell Chips but this was too confusing and similar to the newer and now more popular Spell Credits.
  • You can compress HSC just by holding them and thinking about making them as small as possible and you can decompress them by thinking about the amount you would like to separate in to another chip (which magically appears).
  • As these compress into larger denominations they glow brighter. Opening a briefcase of HSC has quite the effect on just about anyone.
  • HSC are practically untraceable and this is due in part to their magical design.
  • Virtual Spell Credits are much more recent and were originally created by corporations with convenience in mind. After all, the easier it is for someone to spend money the more likely they will.
  • Virtual Spell Credits (SC for short) work similarly to their counterparts. You just have a balance tracked by your implant that you can choose to give to someone else or accept just by thinking of the number. You must both be thinking of the same number and make physical contact (usually a hand shake) for the transaction to take place.
  • Systems/Computer may also make a transaction with SC when buying from shops or on net.
  • SC are now much more commonly used than HSC.