Teach Yourself Abide Asteria

It is easy to understand and play a game with dice. Equally it might be as easy for you to play a video game, play a particular sport or even knit a nice scarf. However if you sit and really think about the first time you’ve ever done those activities, it wasn’t nearly as easy. Your first round of combat in a dice based RPG probably was guided by someone else who has the experience and knowledge. That is the goal of this section, is to give give you a first hand experience in a unknown game.

((Characters Playing cards at a table. Mira, Rosco and third. Rosco with dealer’s visor. All happy. Do the triple wide with < then > or visaversa. Possibly rearrange paragraphs. ))

This section is designed to drop you right into the action and get you a first hand experience what the universe is like. All you need to play is a regular deck of playing cards and remove the jokers. If possible you should be at a desk or table with a laptop or desktop computer. Everything else for this example will be provided. Follow along and click the links to the out comes that you receive, for better or worse. You can always go back later and see the other options.

Don’t let Abide Asteria’s card based format intimidate you, I assure you that it is no more complex than other popular dice based games. In some ways it might even be more simple and as often told to me gives a better connection with your character through the cards.

Important Instructions

If you see a blank spot flanked by two parentheses there is probably hidden text within it. Play all of your actions first as detailed before checking the text as this is typically the needed result of your play for a pass or fail. ( Yar, there be hidden text in these here marks. ) To read the hidden text simply highlight the area, almost as if you wanted to copy the text inside of it to paste somewhere else. After you highlight it, you should be able to read the secret within.

If you haven’t yet, get a deck of playing cards, remove the jokers and shuffle it. Don’t panic if you get an improper card during play, such as an advertisement card or joker. Simply discard it from the play area and draw a new card.

As always, if you run into an issue, get confused or simply have any questions. Feel free to join our discord and, or send us an email. I’m very excited to share this with you and wish you the best on all of life’s future adventures.

Start Learning To Play Abide Asteria. ~1Hr