The Balcony Station

Deep in Asteria, carefully nestled between Verdure III and Verdure IV:
The Balcony Station has become it’s own tourist destination over many years of travelers looking for a place to relax, refuel or just to participate in planned tours of the twin sprawling forest planets. Both Verdure III and IV no longer allow for more dwellings or expansion of any kind. Most of the structures now are rented or designed to help support the ever-growing tourist demand.

Some of the marketing related to the Verdure System:
“You’ll be thrilled for a two night stay in a cabin amongst the wildlife, deep in a forest or on the peak of Verdure III’s mountains.” – “Visit the galaxy’s largest (inhabitable) beach line! Where fish and beach critters welcome you with open curiosity.” – “Take a moonlit stroll on our ancient style sea docks.”

Although the planets might be the real reason you came, The Balcony Station often offers a sight of at least one of the two planets from viewing portals, through telescopes with both digital and traditional lenses. Many of the exterior rooms have their own dedicated viewing portals with specialized “zoom” balconies allowing for spectacular views of the attraction planets. This is a much less expensive place to stay than trying to stay on either of the planets and has gained a following for being able to visit both during the day and have a nice station hotel to return to.

The interior of the station is filled with shops, novelty items, gifts and some of the rarest dining options in the sector. Those who can afford to buy real meat, cheese and vegetables from the Verdure planets are in for a real treat. Otherwise the more typical Enriched Protein Supplements (EPS) have added flavor to be tuned as close as possible to the delicacies of the planets. The Balcony Station welcomes you and your party for a unforgettable stay.