Your First Steps

First we should get a better understanding of the character we’ll use in this example. If you feel the urge you’re welcome to make your own level 3 character and follow along, but it is highly recommended you use the provided character if this is your first Abide Asteria experience.

This is our character, Jack Barns you can either open the sheet into another tab, print it off or try to follow along with the smaller cut out examples later on. Here’s an example of what you should see.

Don’t worry about trying to understand the character sheet right now. It is just nice to see the whole thing before we get started, the idea of this tutorial is to learn as you play.

Once you have your character sheet in another tab, printed off or “committed to memory”. ( You can always come back and look, no one will know. ) We can move onto the next section which is about the cards and your hand.

Drawing Your First Hand.

Since the character is level three in this example you’ll want to make sure the deck is shuffled and draw 5 cards into your hand. You may look at these cards in your hand at any time unless otherwise specified. Unlike most TTRPGs you don’t have a set HP or strict guide to follow Abide Asteria is a bit more malleable, sure you’ll still have good days and bad days but over all it should all average out.

This hand represents everything about our character, his current health, his ability to use skills and much more. A good example is if you drew all twos and a three maybe he’s terribly distracted by something and has his mind in another place. Or maybe he’s extremely stressed and finding it hard to form words or even shaking from it. We’ll focus mostly on health and skills in this solo play tutorial but those are good things to consider when trying to add flavor to your character, it’s also entirely optional.

I have my character sheet and 5 card hand. Start the Solo Play Tutorial already!